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This add-in Bluetooth module made to compliment the GM direct kits or any other factory Flex vehicle with Ethanol sensor added in. This module plugs inline with Ethanol sensor to give you the advantages of being able to see Ethanol % on your phone or tablet via the Proflex Connect App. We have many options:

If you have a GM and already added a flex sensor and set up tune select kit without sensor and select proper harness.

If you have a GM and do not have flex added in yet at all, select with sensor and proper harness-it should be noted that all harnesses (GM) come with PCM wire so this kit adds to PCM if needed.

If you have a Dodge Hellcat and you are running a flex inferred style tune, or dedicated tune, simply add in and view content via app or Diablo/HP Tuners logging with content analog out. Selecting W/Sensor gives you appropriate harness, sensor, fuel line and Fuel Pressure sensor extension.

If you Have a Dodge (5.7, 6.1, 6.4 only) and you have one of our full flex kits, select without sensor and timing control to have system control timing. Note, this is done via IAT sensor and in most cases not advisable, especially in a boosted applications. This option includes a base map to get you started, your tuner, or Tapped Performance to further complete tune. Once purchased you may email your stock or current tune file to We fully understand the discretion your tuner may have to files, this is why if possible only send us your stock file, we will change what is needed, return and you can compare and add in changes to your current file. 

Install Instructions for Hellcat/Demon/Redeye/Trackhawk are HERE