Hellcat Swap FPCM Control Harness

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Hellcat swapped your ride? Running Hellcat PCM and want to use the factory PWM Fuel pump setup, or one of our Hellcat fuel systems? We have the solution, with this harness you can plug directly into a factory HC FPCM, or our Hellcat system "Y" harness. It comes pinned with main power line (must provide switched/fused/relay power), main ground, long length FPCM control wires (to PCM), and 12" pump leads with a metri-pack connector to plug right into our fuel system pump leads and includes metri-pack connector with pins to build your own if you don't have our system. The optional pump harness is ideal for swaps utilizing the OEM Hellcat pump assembly (hat), this harness we build in house has the male terminal housing to plug into pump outlet, and the end features the connector that plugs into OEM pump assembly.